"Twenty-first century is the century of knowledge, innovation and science." Without education there is no development and progress, you can’t count on the improvement of living conditions. In the twenty-first century we need to invest in education.

According to the international rating agency Gallux Poles are the most enterprising nation in the world, and in terms of hardworking only Koreans are ahead of us. On the other hand, innovation is our weakness. For ex ample we have 10 times smaller - the so-called "coefficient of innovation" (specifying the scale of developed and implemented inventions) than Germany, though we have great scientists.

As a member of the Business Center Club, we actively support the development of Polish science and entrepreneurship. Drawing on the best practices, we established the Institute for Research and Development Teslab Medica, bringing together doctors, biochemists, biophysics, therapists. The institution is located in Wroclaw Technology Park, which gives access to the most modern infrastructure and laboratories.To the institute team belong constantly extended circle of true science enthusiasts, looking for solutions, which, according to our motto, can give people more health and happiness.

In Polish realities private companies rarely invest in research. We just do it, and this is a considered strategy of Vigget. Thanks to this in the Institute’s laboratories are created prototypes of devices, supplements and cosmetics, which after the series of detailed studies and tests carried out in accordance with the law by the relevant state institutions, may be placed on the market. We are proud of the fact that exactly at the Institute is created something,that can help all of us.

Solutions that meet the criteria of the Institute, are covered by the certificate of quality Teslab Medica. This guarantees their safety and optimal, confirmed therapeutic efficiency.

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