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The low frequency magnetic field has a beneficial influence over our body, the soft tissues and bones system. RezonMed device - designed for therapy and rehabilitation at home – It is the work of scientists from the Teslab Medica Institute, verified with scientific and health regard.

Simplicity of use and ergonomics makes everyone can use this device - at home and on a journey.

Beneficial influence of low frequency magnetic field on the human body has been confirmed by scientists around the world. This fact has been the subject of many studies and publications

It isn’t surprising that magnotherapy is currently used in many fields of medicine. Magnetic field is effective in both ad hoc (painkilling) and in long-term care or rehabilitation (inter alia supports tissue regeneration). It is also a fully safe and easy method to use at home. RezonMed device generates a magnetic field dose with optimal parameters.


Magnotherapy is applied in several fields of medicine, including orthopedics, rheumatology, internal medicine and gained recognition of specialists a long time ago.

This method is more effective than other conventional methods of physiotherapy, because it allows deep, and not only surface effects on the body.

Magnotherapy has a positive effect on the cells and increases the permeability of cell membranes. As a result of the magnetic field improves metabolism, blood circulation and oxygenation level of the body part subjected to a magnetic field. Magnotherapy has the anti-inflammatory, anti-oedematous effect, expands blood vessels, gives the heling and anesthetic effect. This is the indicated, and also recommended method for use in inflammation. Magnotherapy hasn’t side effects and is very useful as a component of rehabilitation. It can be the independent method or can have a significant role in the process of a comprehensive treatment.

Magnotherapy equipment used in hospitals is very expensive, very large and difficult to access. The patients must often wait months for a course of treatments.

RezonMed works in exactly the same way, but is much smaller, easier to use, more comfortable, and most importantly - it can be to own, in your own home. Thanks to the universal advantages of the magnetic field, this method can be used by people of various ailments and ages. RezonMed can become thus device used by several family members.

How does RezonMed work?

RezonMed, acting on the cells with the magnetic field with the relevant parameters, restores their normal metabolism, and hence - the ability to regenerate. The cells can take back valuable nutrients and dispose a harmful substances. The quality of the individual systems cells (nervous system, cardiovascular system, articular system) has a direct impact on the health and human immunity. RezonMed can reach with its beneficial effects each cell of our body.

RezonMed can operate in two modes - either sinusoidal or pulse. Sinusoidal mode is used at the stage of breaking the cell deposits and stimulate cells to regeneration. Pulse mode supports the elimination of the broken deposits from the inside of cells.

A team of scientists who developed the prototype, and then implemented RezonMed to the production, was based on the results of studies conducted over 40 years around the world, complementing them with their own analyzes and measurements.

Advantages of magnotherapy

Magnotherapy is a painkiller:
It can be used instead of painkillers or supporting their action. This method doesn’t cause side effects.

Magnotherapy strengthens the immune system:
Thanks to this method increases the level of resistance of our body and reduces significantly the probability of developing lifestyle diseases.

Magnotherapy lowers blood pressure:
Even after a single application by 90% of patients with hypertension - pressure drops. The use of long rehabilitation helps reduce and stabilize the blood pressure.

Magnotherapy regenerates a musculoskeletal system:
It acts as an intensive massage of along spine muscles, causes their better ischemia, more efficiency and flexibility. Thanks to this, persist neuralgia by discopathy , nerve roots, sciatica etc. Magnotherapy regenerates and strengthens articular cartilage, resulting in greater mobility and less articular pain.

Magnotherapy supports the effect of medicines :
The use of magnotherapy including medicines prescribed by doctor increases the health effects and causes a faster recovery. The use of magnotherapy in most of cases give an opoortunity to reduce medicines and antibiotics doses.

Magnotherapy increases ischemia and oxygenation of tissues:
In this way it stimulates the metabolism at the cellular level and restores the regular organs work. It results cell regeneration and accelerates healing processes in post-traumatic conditions.

Magnotherapy regenerates cell membranes:
Increases their permeability, supporting absorption of nutrients, such as calcium absorption by osteoporoza.

Magnotherapy harmonizes vegetative nervous system:
Normalize the work of the internal organs.

Magnotherapy has an osteogenic effect:
Accelerates significantly the process of bone setting after the fractures.

User safety was a priority for designers of RezonMed.

How does RezonMed work?

The device is equipped with a few of security steps, including fuses and thermal protection against overheating. Time switch system provokes the disconnection of the magnetic field after 5 minutes, which provides security in the case of falling asleep during the treatment.

Thanks to the simplicity and functionality, the RezonMed device can successfully, independently use the elderly, blind or deaf.

We take care of the highest quality and absolute safety. Each device before it goes on sale, passes six-round quality control.

RezonMed device, keeping the benefits of the "greater brothers" exploited in hospitals, is characterized by practicality

How does RezonMed work?

It’s handy, compact and lightweight - it weighs about 1 kilogram. In this way it can be easily stored, and the service can handle also the weakened or suffering from motor symptoms person.

The device design facilitates to keep it clean, which is especially important when the RezonMed is used by several people.

Conservation of the device is reduced to cleaning, according to the recommendations of manual. RezonMed does not require any permanent servicing.


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